Docker image

Docker is a light-weight way to deploy applications. We offer an image for READemption that can be easily retrieved and used once you have Docker installed. To get the image run

$ sudo docker pull tillsauerwein/reademption

Now you have the image READempmtion image and should see it shown in your list of docker images:

$ sudo docker images
REPOSITORY                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
tillsauerwein/reademption     2.0.2               41c42c0a6c35        42 minutes ago      3.31GB
tillsauerwein/reademption     latest              241c42c0a6c35        42 minutes ago      3.31GB

You can simply start the container by running the following command:

$ sudo docker run -i -t reademption
root@3b9e7fd860ee:/# reademption -v
READemption version 2.0.2

Inside of this environment you have access to the local installation of READemption.

You can find a detailed tutorial of using READemption with docker at The tutorial is the same as the single-species analysis shown at the Performing example analyses section.